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Scratch and Help is an awesome fundraising scheme!! Purchasing the cards are cheap, and you even get them personalised!
We used this for our youth group, and it was perfect as they could take these, not only to family members but to school friends who were actually able to donate money, as the highest amount on a card was $3.
This is truly worth trying out and we will definitely be coming back for more.  

Chris & Dorothy Stowers

Total Conversion

Hi Tracy here, yes fast fundraising was very successful for my son. He needed to earn money so as to travel to Aussie as part of the NZ junior development softball team. We found the scratch card was easy to use and very quick to earn money from. We actually added an incentive so the person/s who scratched more than one amount got to choose a number in another raffle we were running where the prize had been donated.
Most people we spoke to had never seen these scratch cards before but thought they were a clever idea and were so much easier to use at work then many raffles that require loads of tickets to be sold. We were happy with the service we received and how quickly the card could be posted to us. I would definitely recommend this as a fundraising idea and would not hesitate to use again.
Thanks so much!

Tracy Mudd

Mother of NZ Softball Rep

Welcome Bay Community Centre used “Scratch & Help” cards to assist our fundraising efforts during a “Your Community Day” which we held in conjunction with the official opening of our Office premises & Information Bureau in the Welcome Bay Village Shopping Centre. Together with other fundraising initiatives some $600 was received that day.
Our “Scratch & Help” fundraisers found that once they had explained the concept and assured people that the maximum ‘help’ was only $3.00, the people approached were, generally, willing to have a go. Several scratched two or three dots, and even then did not request change from a banknote in excess of their scratched amount/s.
Two of our “Scratch & Help” fundraisers returned with more than the $80 dot-value on their cards.
We are continuing to utilise this form of fundraising.

Gerry Purcell – JP

Welcome Bay Community Centre Inc.

Hi there,
Well the use of the fundraising booklets really helped with our final steps towards our Brisbane trip. The youth members were so keen because it felt so easy that most booklets we got back made more than $80 mark – thank you to your Fast fundraising Ideas we made over $1500 and this helped us with a lot of little bits we needed.

Fuapepe Rimoni

Petone EFKS Juniour Youth

Customer service is excellent – quick and efficient! Such an easy way to raise funds at the last minute and everything is done online. I’ve always gone back to Scratch & Help booklets to quickly make up the difference of what we need to meet our fundraising goals. I definitely recommend this quick and easy way of fundraising because you are well looked after and it’s so easy!

Helen Jackson

SDA Basketball Tournament

Fast Fundraising is a fabulous way to fundraise for your organisation! I’ve used it a few times now and the money you make is just great! Not only is the scratchie booklet fun and easy but it’s also a great way to advertise your organisation. I would recommend to any club/organisation looking for fundraising ideas! I found the people at Fast Fundraising very helpful and friendly and I look forward to my next scratchy fundraising event!

Tapu Ropati

Papatoetoe Panthers

Thank you so much for coming up with this wonderful idea. It gave it a profressional touch, by being able to display a photo of our Colgate Team it was easier to explain to the Sponsors what our cause was for. Also it saved a lot of wasted time preparing sponsor forms / packs by being able to source the pamphelts withindays from you. We were able to raise 2 thousand dollars for our 12 Hour Walk / Run Athon Fundraiser Day. So thanks once again for being part of such a successful fundraiser.

Stephanie Mackay

Eltham Athletic Club

Our fundraising went great! It was so simple to customise our design and all in a matter of minutes our order was processed and on its way… The fundraising process is simple, and actually quite entertaining for all ages! Our age group ranged between 21 and 35 and the stories we shared about our strategies to sell were hilarious! I have already recommended this idea to other groups and teams that are tired of the old fashioned fundraising ideas, and will definitely order again when we kick off our new season.
Put a bit of competition between individuals of your club/team and you will soon see the funds coming in!

Juanita Ogle

Kween Bees Netball

Thank you for the efficient and friendly service I received when ordering our scratch cards. It’s such a hassle-free way to fundraise. Everyone you talk to thinks the concept is new and innovative. What I love is that you can give each of your team/family/friends a card or two each and the fundraising net gets wider and wider, therefore you are not always asking the ‘same people’ to help.
Keep up the good work at Fast Fundraising!!

Anecia Prentice

Wahinetoa Netball Team

Hi, I only knew about this when my daughter’s rugby team had to fundraise for their tracksuit uniforms. So I thought it’ll be a excellent idea especially when you need to raise a lot of cash in a short period. When I did introduce this to my sons rugby team many never heard of this before so it was a first time for this club. I will recommend this to anyone to use its so easy to use, once again thank you fast fundraising.

Ruta Grey

Oriental Rugby U13

The fast fundraising Booklets have been fantastic.Every thing you promised has been delivered, right from our order being delivered less than 2-3 days to the ease of selling the scratches.
Like all other Clubs we do quite a lot of fundraising from Raffles; Sausage sizzles through to Hangi’s which are really time consuming.
The fast fundraising booklets gave us maximum profit from minimum effort which our volunteers really appreciate. We highly recommend these to other fund raising groups & you will be hearing from us in the future as well.

Shane Gray

Te Whanau Pa Touch Club Palmers ton North

My friend and I bought two booklets each earlier this year to fundraise for our mission’s trip to Cambodia with Teen Missions. The scratch booklets are a very neat idea and a bit of a change to the usual fundraisers!!!
My first booklet was completed in the first couple of weeks and helped a lot!!! We are waiting a little bit with the next one but I am sure we will finish that one as well. Especially since we want to give away a prize to whoever is drawn!!! I think the booklets are very good because they bring in a large profit without requiring a lot of work!
They are definitely worth a try!


The Fast Fundraising Scratch and Help fundraising booklets were a very successful fundraiser for us. We used it to help subsidise the costs of our camp for some of our students. Because it was so user-friendly, our students were able to quickly fundraise without any hassles. The staff at Fast Fundraising were very helpful and understanding. We will be more than happy to use them again in our future fundraising events.

Deane Siakimotu

Affirming Works

The Fast Fundraising Scratch and Help fundraising booklets were a very successful fundraiser for us. We used it to help subsidise the costs of our camp for some of our students. Because it was so user-friendly, our students were able to quickly fundraise without any hassles. The staff at Fast Fundraising were very helpful and understanding. We will be more than happy to use them again in our future fundraising events.

Deane Siakimotu

Affirming Works

Hi there,
I ordered the scratch and help fundraising booklets for my Travel and tourism class to help us fundraise for an international famil trip to the cook islands! =D These were an excellent way to fundraise and they helped enormously providing us with a majority of our flight costs! It made it all that much more easier for us…
The class loved them =D

Sharleen Daniela

Sir George Seymour College of Travel and Tourism

Scratch and help fundraising booklets definitely assisted our group in achieving our fundraising goals. The students enjoyed fundraising with the booklets, competing with each other to see who can complete the booklet first. We will definitely be using the scratch and help booklets for future fundraising initiatives.

Stephen Wolfgramm

Sir George Seymour College of Travel and Tourism

The money raised from the scratch cards significantly reduced the amount of money parents needed to contribute towards getting our team of 16 boys to Wellington last year for their hockey tournament.

Sharon Veale

Hatch Under 13 Boys Hockey – Counties Manukau

The scratch and help booklets are a fast and fabulous way to fundraise. Our custom made booklet was just great with a perfect design! The super fast service was impressive – we were out fundraising 3 days after my initial order. This is a fun way to fundraise and highly recommend this as the best fundraising idea EVER.

Trudy Boon

Canterbury Gymnastics Representative

Scratch cards were so simple,fundraising couldnt have been easier.
Our fundraising went so well that we got another 2 batches.
Communication with Bex was Primo and quick.
Recommend this to anyone!

Shem Martin

Te Waka Huia Maori Cultural Club

Hi, we ordered 50 booklets to fundraise and we found this was one of the quickest and easy way to fundraise and profit without having to lose anything, i have recommended this type of fundraisng to alot of other family members and friends. The scratchy booklets are excellent and would order more.
The booklets itself are neat and it also attracts people to sponsor.

Falelua Masoe

Family Reunion

Fundraising has been easy so far, all those that donated enjoyed scratching the card and said that it was a super and fun idea. We still have 2 more cards to get threw and will definitely order again.
Thanks to you for this fantastic fund raising system!

Ryan Jones

NZ Under 11 Soccer Tournament in Switzerland 2010

I had 3 weeks from the day I found out my daughter was chosen to go to Sydney for a salsa competition to the day she boarded the plane.
This is my second time of using these booklets. First time was for training uniform for a netball club.
Right from the customer service to the delivery is so impressive.
My friends and family all helped and there feedback has been positive.
We all had fun!
But the main objective was to fundraise and we certainly did that.

Kiri-mae Walker

Star Dance Academy at the Sydney Salsa Classics

We are so grateful to Fast Fundraising for their professional and simple idea of how to raise funds. The scratch and win cards were prepared and sent out within a few days and we were able to start right away collecting funds. We were able to raise the funds we needed for the purchase of uniforms for our senior boys volleyball so that we could go out with a bang at the National Secondary Schools Volleyball Tournament. The funds were raised just over a 3-4 week period and all the boys were able to help and every donation counted. Incidentally we came 3rd at the National Tournament.
Thanks Fast Fundraising. I will definitely keep in touch for future fundraising opportunities and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an easy idea for raising funds.
Thanks again guys!

Ted Pogai

CCNZ Senior Boys Volleyball Coach

The booklets were a great way of getting everyone in the class to participate in fundraising. They were easy to use and a fast and effective way to fundraise a big amount of money in a small amount of time!

Tess Brockbank-Smith

Class international Family Trip

Thanks for the sooo easy opportunity to raise money in a short simple way. I have used this three times and am actually about to order again on behalf of another friend in need for an upcoming school camp.
I love the way it is individually personalised with message and photo.
Looks smart and does work!
This is always my first port of call when there is a school/guide/sporting event that comes up in our family.
Keep up the great work!

Joleen McEvoy

We used the product and found the scratch thing worked really well. We found that people were more than willing to scratch of a few dots and then donate. None of the people asked for change and we made quite a bit more than we expected to. I also referred it to another person who has since used it and also found it a useful and fast way of making money. They however did not have the same success as myself, but Found it easy read, understand and took only a short time to raise the cash. I also intend to recommend it to others as I found it to work. I am actually going to order again form your company.

Helen Tipelu

U11 Soccer Team to Switzerland

We found the Scratch and Help fundraising booklets to be an excellent way of fundraising as we made money from them very quickly and people seemed to enjoy getting a little fun out of giving away their loose change. We used the booklets at our fundraiser bbqs or simply out in the street and we would definitely use the booklets in future fundraisers.

Rachel Lee

Sir George Seymour College of Tourism & Travel

Fast fundraising was a answer to prayer for our Gateway Ministries Youth…we were looking to buy a uniform for our White Sunday and in a matter of a 2-3weeks we were able to not only make a deposit but also pay off the full balance for uniforms.
Thank you fast fundraising for being such a blessing.

Jonathan Morisa

Gateway Ministries Youth

The scracthy is a new concept for our team but once everyone got on board with the scratchies it was a whole lot of fun.
A lot of our supporters ,if they scratched the 50c they certainly scratched again.
We donated half of our tickets to a netball team within our club so they too could give it a go as well as they are fundraising for there 25th anniversary and they too enjoyed it as well.
Once everything is settled down for our trainings for the nationals we are looking at the online fundraiser that you have.
We appreciate the chance to use your idea and certainly would recommend to other sports clubs/team to give it a try.

Minnie Sinnott

Team Manager

Huff n Puff Dragons Open Women Waka Ama

Organising the Scratchy cards was really simple and the service I got was wonderful. The Club committee and members were over the moon with the standard and personalisation of the cards. So well done!
We have recouped our money spent in ordering the cards with ease.
Now all the money we have coming in from the cards is all ‘profit’.
The great thing is the money we get from selling the cards can be used for whatever the committee decide fit. Where as applications for sponsorship money must be used for the specific thing you have applied for.
Thank you once again for your excellent service.

Lorraine Taylor


Claudelands Rovers Sports Club

Hey, we managed to raise more than enough with the 10x scratchy cards an 2x bonus one’s for our girls U15 A Grade Netball Team. We are able to take our girls to watch our Silverferns vs Aussie @ Vector Arena this month. We have convinced our Netball Club to use this fundraiser next season, so you’ll be hearing from us in the future. Our Waka Ama Club are also using this fundraiser in Nov this year. Fantastic way to raise funds,
Thanks heaps!!!!!!

Raquel Kaka

Manurewa Marlins U15 Netball Team

This is the second occasion that we have used Fast Fundraising – both were successful fundraising ventures; we were able to achieve our fundraising objective for our junior members.
The personalised scratch cards and supporting material makes it easy for our young members to use and the payment plan is reasonable, we did not find it a problem meeting the payment date because the scratchy cards were completed so easily.
Delivery of the cards were timely, the support from Rebecca is great and communication is very helpful and efficient. H.T. United Netball Club will certainly use the Scratch and Help fundraising booklets again next season for our junior club.

Tracey Pirini

H.T. United Netball Club

Thanks for offering a unique, healthy and fun option to fundraising. It’s great to be able to offer an alternative fundraiser to the chocolates etc and provide consistent message to the children at Blenheim Swimming Club.

Jenni Gane

Blenheim Swimming Club

Hi there I found the scratch and help cards an awesome way of raising money for our kids waka ama team– its amazing at the return you get back and we have looked and completed many fund raising options over the last 9 months and this by far is the best– so much so that i will be ordering some more. I have also passed this on to friends etc for thier club etc fundraising.

Sandra Long

Tamaki Outrigging Canoe Association

These were great for the players that were keen to make some money.
They had no problems getting people to support them by scratching and donating. I did suggest to players they could put together a raffle and use it as an incentive for getting more people scratching but they never organised anything. Other than ordering the booklets I left it up to them to make the most of them. Only reason for this was time as I am also the coach, manager, organiser of everything. So this was an easy way to fundraise without me having to do much.

Karllie Clifton

Hillcrest HS Volleyball

Hi there the Scratch cards went really well they were very easy to sell course of the price you had to pay (eg.50cents.$1.$2.$3) so i would recommend it to anyone doing a Fundraising Event. Now our netball girls have got the money they need to head to there netball tournament this weekend in Tauranga.

Cherie Thompson

Hastings Intermediate Aims Games Netball Team

Hi there,
our fundraising for a mission trip went well. We did it as a family to raise funds for our sons spending money. The picture on the front was great and it was him that had to go around and door knock. Families were happy to give when they saw his photo and read the reason for the fundraising. I thought it was good as people didn’t have to give a phenomenal amount.

Alisa Lasi

Familty Fundraiser

Thank you for the great fundraising idea. It has enabled my son to go on a school camp in November. And it was soo easy for friends and family to donate as much or as little they wanted to with the easy scratch a circle and donate as many times as they liked.
This was awesome and I will recommend to others wanting an easy way to raise money’s for school trips.
From a happy fast fundraising buyer!

Jack O’Connor

South End School

The Ellesmere College Netball A team decided to fundraise with Fast Fundraising for 2009 after trying various other, very hard working fundraisers in the past years.
At first we were a bit nervous, how would people feel about ‘scratching and giving’ instead of ‘scratching and receiving’?!!
We ordered 20 cards with a photo of the team on the front, and because we payed by credit card, we received 24 scratch cards. With 11 girls in the team, this meant each girl had to sell 2 cards, which left one for the manager and one for the coach.
The girls soon found that people were very keen to donate and most people were happy to scratch more than one circle!! They raised a whopping $1500!! With this being such a success the girls got to go to their Netball tournament in Timaru and has just returned with a 12th placing out of 32 teams!!!

Elmarie Els

Library Manager

Ellesmere College

Hey Guys,
Your ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets are the best thing ever when it comes to fundraising. Say goodbye to the good old sausage sizzle and say hi to some ‘real’ profits! We highly reccommend this concept to anyone thinking about raising some serious money in a short space of time. Wonderful idea and anyone can make this work – try it;
The results speak for themselves!

Leon Busby

Aorere College Rugby Administration

On behalf of the RRRLFC (Richmond Rovers Rugby League Football Club) we would like to thank the NZ Fast Fundraising Company for giving us the chance to use their tools and help us fundraise various items for our kids.
We raised money to cover our team break up tracksuits and other various gifts for our team players.
This is our 3rd year using scratch cards, we also think that it’s a great idea easy and always helps us reach our goals.

Kyla Kaiser-Day

Richmond JCB Communications Officer

With the world in recession, I’m proud to say that this fundraiser is the easiest and most professional way we found in fundraising money.
Having 11 netball teams (110 players) who have multiple daughters/sons in a family, families found this fundraising event extremely fulfilling as they did not have to take from their own pockets in these low economic times.
This fundraiser was so successful that families asked for more scratchcards than their allocated.
We would and have, recommended this fundraiser to many clubs and sports.
Thank you very much!

George Boynton (Paehoro)

H&W United Sports Club, Auckland

I want to thank you very much for your help this year towards Richmond bull dogs under 8 league team fundraising.
The scratch cards were a big hit for our team as we were able to buy warm blue hoodies for the whole team.
The money also went towards a end of year prizegiving which was held at chipmunks in was a fantastic night and the children laughed and played.
Fast fundraising helped with providing the team with hoodies,trophies and prizegiving without the help of the scratch cards our team would of missed out of alot so thank you very much.

Angela Ngamu

Under 8 Richmond Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Penelope Preston and I used the Fast Fundraising booklets last year to raise urgent funds for a youth camp.
Firstly Fast Fundraising were excellent to work with. We were in a bit of a rush and they got books to us on time and were very helpful.
The layout of the books was great. We put a photo through to go on the cover and was really surprised at how easy it was to design and what a professional look the books came with.
Overall our youth group raise over two thousand dollars in about 6 weeks. Using the books is a very effective way of grabbing peoples attention and getting them involved in your cause. We had a lot of success with the books; fast, easy and effective. We will definable be putting more orders through in the future.
Thanks again!

Penelope Preston

The scratch cards are such a great idea. it’s nice to have a new novel idea that people haven’t seen before.
They’re nice and easy for everyone to understand and it’s marvelous that the money comes straight to us and we don’t have to refer to the company for anything other than new cards for this very successful fundraiser.
Thanks heaps Fast Fundraising from everyone at Two Tiny Feet Playgroup.

Stacey Ellis

Two Tiny Feet Playgroup

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