Fundraising made easy

Scratch & Help booklets can help you reach your fundraising goal in 4 simple steps

1. Set your goal

First, decide how many booklets your group needs to reach your fundraising goal.

2. Place an order online

We’ll whip you up a cover design that will have your group buzzing with excitement.

3. Approve the design

When you’re happy with the design we’ll finish your booklets and get them to you pronto!

4. Start fundraising!

With your organiser’s toolkit in hand, your fundraising can quickly raise the money needed.

8 great reasons why they work!

  • Order from 1 – 10,000 booklets no order too big or too small.
  • Scratch & Help booklets are personalised to your group by having your team or groups digital photo and personal fundraising message on the front cover. This is free on ALL orders! (even on single booklet orders) Check out some sample designs
  • 2 free booklets with every 10 ordered if you pay with your order.
  • Fast delivery time. Within 5 working days from receiving your completed order. Usually much less and rush orders are our specialty!
  • A “Hot Tips for Organisers” document to get the most out of your fundraiser.
  • Scratch & Help booklets often raise more than $80 dollars when people deliberately over-give or don’t want any change from their donation. This extra money can be used to buy prizes for the most successful members or to be kept by the members as a reward to enhance their motivation.
  • Easy to order. Order and pay online in minutes
  • Fast, friendly, professional staff who are committed to making sure your order is processed as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Fundraising Dilemma

Have you ever had someone knock on your door seeking a donation for a worthy cause and not been sure how much they expect you to give?
For many people it’s easier to say “Not today thank you” than to have to think about how much is appropriate or worry about giving too little or too much.

The Solution

Scratch and Help Booklets solve this problem by allowing the person the ability to reveal their donation by scratching off a sliver scratchy panel on the inside of the booklet.
The maximum donation is $3 and minimum is 50c which is within most peoples comfort zone – meaning you’ll get lots of people saying “Yes I’d love to help out

See how many booklets it will take to reach your fundraising goal

When comparing fundraising options it is important to consider the percent profit you will receive for your efforts. Other fundraising options such as selling chocolate, taking pizza orders, sausage sizzles etc. only let you keep 40% of the money that you make. Scratch & Help booklets let you keep between 80-90% of the money raised and saves you the hassles of order taking or guessing how many units you might sell. – More profit, less work….It’s fundraising the smart way!

1 Booklet

Individual or for 1 person



Raises $80

Costs $16

Your Profit $64

0 Free Booklets

10 Booklets

Small Team or Groups 5-10 People



Raises $960

Costs $160

Your Profit $800

2 Free Booklets

20 Booklets

Team or Group 10-20 People



Raises $1,920

Costs $320

Your Profit $1,600

4 Free Booklets

50 Booklets

Larger Team or Group 20-50 People



Raises $4,800

Costs $800

Your Profit $4,000

10 Free Booklets

100 Booklets

Larger Team or Group 50-100 People



Raises $9,600

Costs $1,600

Your Profit $8,000

20 Free Booklets

Or purchase any quantity of Scratch and Help Booklets

By clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of groups are suited to using this method of fundraising?

We get asked this question a lot! Any group or individual who wants to raise money quickly.

We have had many sports teams and church groups use these booklets as well as entire schools, music groups, charities, exchange students, individual athletes, people going overseas on a mission etc.

If you feel that you or your group are raising money for a good, genuine reason, then the Scratch and Help Booklets are right for you.

What comes with each 'Scratch Pack'?

Each ‘Scratch Pack’ contains:

  • 1 “Scratch & Help” Booklet (with custom designed cover)
  • 1 ‘Tips for Participants’ sheet
  • 1 Zip Lock collection bag
What makes the 'Scratch & Help' booklets so successful?
A number of reasons:


  1. It’s a simple process for all people involved. The organiser just needs to set up the campaign and monitor the progress of the group. Usually, with other fundraising products, the organiser does most of the work. The fundraisers get an instant “yes/no” answer and aren’t required to do much more than get out and about and ask people for some support. The potential sponsor can make a quick easy decision whether or not to support the fundraiser with no decisions about ordering or time spent browsing through a catalog.
  2. People just love to scratch off that silver stuff! They see it and want to know what’s underneath!
  3. Fundraising participants feel a sense of ownership when the ‘Scratch Booklets’ have their photos and team/school colours on the front cover. They also get rewarded based on how much effort they put in and can see the dots being scratched and the money being raised – this helps a lot with motivation.
What if I can't pay for my order up front?

We do accommodate established groups that have a board structure in place by offering credit terms. This can lengthen the order process as a credit check needs to be completed.

Please contact us to discuss this. Generally it is only available on larger orders of 50 of more booklets.

How do I pay for my order?
You can pay online with a credit card or by direct deposit into our bank account.
How can I place an order for some fundraising scratch packs?

Just click here to place your order

Are you a New Zealand company?

Yes, we are a GST registered New Zealand Limited Liability company called Fast Fundraising New Zealand Limited with registered offices in Tauranga. We have been operating since 2003 and have a sister company in Australia. We send product all over NZ and the Pacific.

Can we have our photo/logo and wording on the booklet?

Yes – when you submit your order we will request that you send us any photos or logos that you want on the cover.
We will design you a cover and send you a proof (if requested). You can either give the go-ahead for production if you are happy with the design or you can suggest any changes you want made and we will gladly make these for you. Once you have approved a cover design then we aim to have the booklets produced and sent to you within 3-5 working days.

About how long does it take for someone to complete a 'Scratch Booklet'?
It depends on the individuals motivation. Some people can get a ‘Scratch Booklet’ finished in a couple of days, others can take a lot longer. On average 1 booklet per week is a reasonable expectation
How many 'Scratch & Help' fundraising booklets can/should I order?
You can order from 1 to 1,000 ‘Scratch Packs.’ It’s a good idea to start out with 1-2 booklet per person in your fundraiser and maybe get a few extras for those who need more.
Can I order extra 'Scratch Booklets' if we run out?
Yes. We will quickly be able to send you additional booklets because all of the design work has been done previously.
Can I return any unused booklets?
Unfortunately not, because each booklet is customised to the fundraising school/team/individual.
Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Our terms and conditions of sale can be found here.

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