“The Tuki Tuki Softball Club had been in recession for ten years so we had our work cut out for us starting from new and needed to raise money as quickly as possible.

We had the details from your web site which outlined the exact profit so we raised exactly what we had expected $640.00 with the added bonus of the free booklet you provided $80.00. we actually wished we had ordered 20 booklets..the joy of hindsight.

$720.00 was raised… less than a week…everyone enjoyed scratching the booklets that they came back asking to try again in some instances.

We had 9 adults selling the 11 booklets, although these are very competitive adults..the race was “first to Finish

I must say the idea of a scratchy for fundraising is brilliant, everyone has that urge to beat the odds and try their luck, the value sets were well thought out $ 0.50 to $3.00, anyone can afford three dollars and most people that scratched a $ 0.50 always had another go…..they are very addictive and great fun. 

The service from the website through to the delivery was excellent and very fast, I was impressed…..but most of all, the packaging of the booklets, individual bags, detailed instructions and even the name sticker…and the fact we chose the personalised option, when they arrived I handed them straight out to the players who started selling them then and there…it was unbelievably simple, easy and profitable.. 

I have also given your details to other clubs in the region who were so impressed by the standard and ease of operation…you’d done all the hard work for us!”