Fundraise for Cure Kids!

Want to be a star and raise funds for Cure Kids?

Here’s how you can help.

Simply order a special edition Cure Kids scratch and help fundraising booklet from this page and we will send it to you within a few days.

You then take the booklet around with you and ask people if they would support your fundraising effort on behalf of Cure Kids by scratching off a few dots and contributing the amount revealed underneath.

You then keep $16 (to reimburse you the cost of the booklet) and send the remaining money directly to Cure Kids.

It’s that easy!


Order your Cure Kids Scratch and Help booklets here

Pricing table and FAQ

Quantity Your Cost Raises Amount raised
for Cure Kids*
1 Booklet $16 $80  $64
5 Booklets $80 $400  $320
10 Booklets $160 $800  $640
20 Booklets $320 $1,600  $1,280

*This is the approximate amount that you would send to the cause. It is equal to the amount raised minus the cost of the booklets. It may be more or less depending on how much you end up raising.

How many booklets can I order?

You can order as many as you want. From 1 to 1,000 (or more!).

How do I send the money to the cause?

You can contact the cause and ask them what the best way to send the money you’ve raised to them is. They will usually provide a bank account to deposit funds into. We advise against sending cash unless it is via track and trace courier.

What are some more details about this offering?

We’ve partnered with a number of causes to make it easy for their supporters to raise money for them using our Scratch and Help fundraising booklets that have been a proven way to quickly and easily raise funds.

It’s really simple. You decide how many booklets to order and purchase them on this page.

We will then send you the booklets, which are customised with the causes name, logo etc.

When you receive the booklets you get out and about and ask people if they would support the cause by scratching off a few dots and donating the amount that is revealed underneath.

Once you have complete your booklet, you send the funds (minus the cost of the booklets) to the cause.

Each booklet costs $16 and raises $80. Meaning that you would send $64 to the cause for every booklet that you complete.

If you don’t raise the full amount (or raise more) then you would adjust the amount you send to the cause.

It is important to note that you must send the funds to the cause (minus the cost of the booklets) otherwise you would be acting fraudulently and could end up in a lot of trouble!