Charity Fundraising Program

Let your supporters fundraise on your behalf using Scratch and Help fundraising booklets.

Your charity will most likely have hundreds or even thousands of people who are really keen to help raise funds on your behalf.

Usually these supporters have only ever been asked to make a donation themselves or are given a generic list of fundraising ideas for them to go off and organise. Quite often, it’s just “too hard basket” for them plan, organise and run a fundraiser for your cause.

We get lots of these people coming through to us asking if it is ok for them to order our Scratch and Help booklets to fundraise for their favourite charity – and we’ve never really known what to tell them….until now.

We’re determined to make it easy for people to fundraise on behalf of their favorite charity/cause which is why we have put together our “Charity Fundraising Program” to make it easy for your supporters to raise funds for your cause.

It’s free and easy to join and requires no commitment from you at all.

Fundraising for charity NZ

About Scratch and Help Fundraising Booklets

  • Each booklet contains 40 scratch off dots with amounts from 50c to $3 printed underneath
  • The cover is designed with images and words to suit the cause
  • Fundraisers ask their networks of family, friends, colleagues and the public if they would support your cause by scratching off one or more dots
  • The amount revealed under the dots that they scratch off becomes their contribution. e.g. If the person scratches off $2 then the donate $2.
  • Each booklet raises $80 and costs $16. Your cause profits $64.

How our Charity Fundraising Program works

Our Charity Fundraising Program is really simple.

Firstly we design your charity a customised Scratch and Help fundraising booklet cover.

We then create a dedicated order page where your supporters can order your charities customised Scratch and Help booklets from. Here’s an example

Once that is all set up, you can promote this as a fundraising option to your network of supporters, however you wish. This could be as simple as putting a link on the fundraising section of your website, sending a promotional email or including it in your newsletter. It’s completely up to you.

When your supporters want to raise funds for your cause using Scratch and Help fundraising booklets, they simply come to the order page and place an order.

Each order is emailed to us and to you (optional) so you can keep track on what’s going on.

We produce and send the order to your supporter so that they can get out there and get the booklet(s) completed.

They then forward the funds on to your charity.

It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of charities/causes does this fundraiser suit?

Any charity or cause that has a network of supporters can join our Charity Fundraising Program so that those people can have an easy fundraising option to raise funds for your cause.

How long has Fast Fundraising been operating?

We are a NZ registered company (Home Run Limited) who has been operating for over 10 years. In that time we have helped thousands of groups raise millions of dollars using Scratch and Help fundraising booklets.

What are some ideas on how we can incorporate this fundraiser?

This can be a set and forget exercise or you can make it part of your ongoing fundraising strategy.

Set and forget

Are there any costs involved?

There no costs involved for charities to be part of our Charity Fundraising Program.

If you supporters want to help your cause by using Scratch and Help fundraising booklets then they can order these from your unique order/info page that we create.

Each booklet that they order will cost them $16 (our standard price) and raise $80, meaning that when they complete the booklet they will forward on $64 for every completed booklet, to your cause.

There are no other costs such as freight etc.

How can we join the Charity Fundraising Program?

Joining is easy.

Just get in touch by calling our director on 021 318 575 and we’ll take it from there or email admin(at)

Typically we only need a few of your brand assets such as logos/photos etc for designing your cover. If you want to design your own cover then that ‘s fine also.

We don’t have a formal agreement to enter into but if your organisation requires this then please let us know and we will be happy to consider entering into one. <!–nosharesave–>

Getting started is easy!

1. Give us call or email so we can introduce ourselves to each other

2. Send us your logo, any associate brand assets and style guidelines

3. We’ll send you a booklet design proof for you to approve (or you can design your own)

4. You promote the fundraiser to your network however you like. (website, newsletter, social media etc)

Contact our director Adam El-Agez today on 021 318 575 or send us a message below.